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Amanda Kaminski on Using ZenSupplies, Multi-Vendor Management, and Being Successful in the Dental Office

02.28.2023, 12:59 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
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How to Streamline Ortho Inventory in Less Than 30 Days?

An efficient dental inventory system is a key for managing any dental practice, but it is especially important for orthodontic clinics. These types of offices have a higher volume of specialized equipment and dental supplies and require a more effective inventory tracking process due to the multiple appointments and longer treatment time of orthodontic treatment.  […]

02.09.2023, 1:42 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
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Carina Sauceda on Inventory Organizational Techniques at St. Clair & Massey Orthodontics

St. Clair & Massey Orthodontic Partnership is a well-established orthodontic practice that has been serving the community for many years. Recently, the practice has focused on improving its dental inventory organization and implementing ZenSupplies with impressive results. This case study explores the strategies and practices that have been used by this dental practice, and the […]

01.20.2023, 1:53 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
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Episode#38 Santosh Patel on building Complete Specialty Solutions through perseverance and abundance mindset, why specialists burn out, and why AI will be so revolutionary in dentistry

Today I seat down with Santosh Patel, President of Complete Specialty Solutions. We talk about early days and how Santosh had to take PTO days to visit dental conferences and meet people at the Starbucks to save money on fancy dinners.

08.15.2022, 11:58 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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On making decisions, numbers, and how to bring your spouse into the practice with Michael Lomotan, biotech engineer turned into dental entrepreneur!

[embedyt][/embedyt]   This is one of my favorite with one and only Michael Lomoton. His background is in biomedical engineering, but his passion is in dentistry. A few years ago Michael decided to step in and help his wife, Dr. Kathrina Agatep, DDS to run a practice in San Diego. We tour a recently […]

08.26.2019, 5:16 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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3 Powerful “Team Tips” from Highly Successful Practices Using ZenSupplies

As ZenSupplies has continued to grow, naturally, our team has focused increasingly on how we can improve our offerings, through steady, one-to-one engagement with clients and their teams.

02.14.2017, 8:55 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov