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Eight Common HIPAA Violations in Dental Practices

09.18.2023, 11:37 AM  |   By Mary Govoni

Do Dental Teams Need to be Concerned About COVID Again?

The answer to this question is yes – but not to the level of concern during the pandemic.   The CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), and the news media are reporting increases in hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19, and two fast-spreading variants of the Omicron COVID variant. In addition, we are now entering into the […]

09.13.2023, 10:44 AM  |   By Mary Govoni

Dental Trends of Summer 2023

AI and technology have been in front of everyone this summer, but the real trend flying under the radar of many people in the industry is a growing resistance to selling your practice to the DSOs. The movement kicked into high gear after a DSO veteran, Dr. Brady Frank, posted an ad on Instagram urging […]

08.31.2023, 9:21 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Increasing Case Acceptance with Better Dental Office Organization

Case acceptance is the key to a thriving dental practice. More importantly, it’s the first step to giving your patients the care they need to enjoy better health. You might get advice from a thousand different places about how to get your patients to sign onto their treatment plan so you can get to work. […]

08.18.2023, 10:06 AM  |   By Paige Anderson

Dental Assistants: How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Doctor/Employer

Many dental assistants that I interact with share with me that they have difficulty communicating with their doctor(s)/employer(s). As a result, they become unhappy with their jobs, less productive, and in some cases, leave the practice. Working in dentistry can be stressful under the best of circumstances. And when the circumstances are not optimal, effective […]

08.02.2023, 9:14 AM  |   By Mary Govoni
Let's Get Organized

Stop Wasting Money on Expired Dental Materials!

Many dental practices don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to their materials budget. Part of your overhead will always include some wasted supplies, but expired dental materials can add up to thousands of dollars down the drain (sometimes literally) every year. Let’s take a look at some of the most common […]

07.27.2023, 2:06 PM  |   By Paige Anderson
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Alert of potential order delays, Starting August 1, 2023 your UPS Orders could be delayed. Read more…

Update: We are happy to update our members on the possible UPS strike. According to the news, the union was able to reach an agreement and avoided the chance of UPS workers going on strike. More on this here.   Dear Zen Members, We are monitoring the news regarding negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters […]

07.18.2023, 11:09 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Let's Get Organized

Systems That Work: 
How to Create Routines Your Dental Office Staff Will Dependably Follow

Effective systems keep your dental office running smoothly. The better business is, the more efficient your systems need to be. A thriving dental office means a consistently full schedule. Over time, systems may start to break down as steps get skipped and tasks fall to the wayside. Building systems that work for your team means […]

07.12.2023, 11:34 AM  |   By Paige Anderson

Infection Prevention and Control in the News

Now that COVID-19 isn’t dominating the infection control news stories (although it is still present), we turn our attention to some additional news regarding infectious disease transmissions that may affect us in dentistry.  Some of the information is good news and of course, some is not so good.   RSV Recently the Food and Drug Administration […]

07.05.2023, 11:51 AM  |   By Mary Govoni
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What are the challenges when choosing an endo file system?

Written by Dr Aaron Nicholas, DDS Owner/Founder www.MondayMorningDentistry.com As the saying goes “It’s a pretty sorry carpenter that blames his tools for a failed result”. But the opposite is also true. If we have a great result, it’s not because of the “tools” that were used. Sure, great tools make getting that great result easier, […]

06.30.2023, 2:11 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov

How Good Is the Air Quality in Your Office?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that dental treatment rooms have increased ventilation and air purification to remove potentially infectious aerosols.   In its updated guidance for COVID-19 from (May 8) and for Ventilation in Buildings (May 11, 2003); the CDC makes specific recommendations about the use […]

06.22.2023, 12:11 PM  |   By Mary Govoni

Dental Technician Appreciation Month: How To Become A Certified Dental Technician

What is a Dental Technician? —  A Dental Technician or Certified Dental Technician is a valuable part of the dental team. Dental lab technicians are responsible for creating and repairing implants, dentures, veneers, bridges and crowns, and orthodontic appliances. Most dental technicians work behind the scenes and collaborate with dentists to fabricate dental prostheses and […]

06.16.2023, 12:28 PM  |   By Kayla Makowski

Dental Smiles Month: 5 Ideas To Reach Out To Your Local Community

What is Dental Smiles Month? — June is nationally recognized as Dental Smiles Month. The mission behind the campaign is to bring awareness to the importance of dental health and promote healthy smiles. A smile matters because often it is the first feature we notice about one another and a way to express confidence. The […]

06.08.2023, 3:02 PM  |   By Kayla Makowski

Top 10 ONLINE Side Hustles for Dental Assistants

Most of the time a Dental Assistant will reach a cap on how much they are able to make hourly. This isn’t uncommon for most jobs, but especially Dental Assistants. Many are passionate about what they do and don’t care about the pay. If you are someone who is looking to make extra cash while […]

06.01.2023, 1:37 PM  |   By Samantha Julia
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Simple Spreadsheet + Typeform for Getting Ordering Under Control in 3 Easy Steps

  With this quick video, you’ll learn how to use Google Spreadsheets and Typeform to get your dental budget and ordering under control: Step 1: Gather all vendors in one place.  Start with gathering all vendors in one place. This is probably the most daunting and the most important step. You need to know everyone […]

05.16.2023, 9:18 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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How Do You Know What Container Is Right For You?

There are thousands, maybe even millions of container options to choose from as a part of dental supply inventory management. When it comes to organizing in the dental office, it’s a little bit different from organizing your kitchen pantry. In this article we will help provide you with research and information on which dental carts […]

05.05.2023, 10:09 AM  |   By Samantha Julia

A Weekend with LightWave Dental – a series of dental events

Dental events can be slightly different from the next. You can make an educated guess on how the event may play out from experience, but once you’re there everyone has their own way of how the schedule will run. Here is everything you need to know about what to expect, what took place, and maybe […]

04.28.2023, 11:05 AM  |   By Samantha Julia

How Do I Know if A Surface Disinfectant is Appropriate for my Practice?

Selecting appropriate surface disinfectants for equipment and other surfaces in the dental treatment room can be confusing.  Practices frequently receive marketing information about new products, existing products with new features, as well as product recommendations for the use of “natural” disinfectants from internet sources.   This article will examine the agencies that determine the efficacy […]

04.19.2023, 8:54 AM  |   By Mary Govoni
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5 Reasons Why Dental Practices NEED an Inventory Management and Procurement Software

In this article we will provide you with valuable information and research on why having an inventory management and procurement software system is so important and beneficial to you and your practice.    1. Efficient Inventory Management Managing dental inventory can be a challenge, and errors can lead to overspending or stock shortages. A good […]

04.19.2023, 8:22 AM  |   By Samantha Julia

Top 10 Things Dental Assistants Can Do When the Doctor is Out of the Office Unexpectedly

Have you ever been getting ready for the workday, or even on the way to work when you get a message that the Doctor will be out of the office at the last minute for a certain reason or another. Maybe you already clocked in for the day and are wondering what to do now? […]

04.04.2023, 3:48 PM  |   By Samantha Julia
Members Spotlight

From Dental Assistant to Clinical Manager: The Career Path of Dental Assistants – An Expert Interview with Diana Arnaldo, Clinical Manager at Irving Park Family Dentistry

Welcome to our blog post featuring an interview of Jillian Gomez, Vendor Manager & Customer Success Representative at ZenSupplies, with Diana Arnaldo, Clinical Manager at Irving Park Family Dentistry. In this interview, we will explore Diana’s background and her decision to work in the dental field. We will also discuss her current role as a […]

03.30.2023, 1:43 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
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I Spent 2 Weeks Working At the Cedar Park Office, So What Did I Learn?

During 2 weeks working 9-5 (most days later than 5pm) at the dental practice in Austin, Texas, I did everything I could and was allowed to do. From cleaning instruments, taking the trash, ordering supplies, and other important things. Here is my quick breakdown of each day: Setup: – 6 fully working Ops and 2 […]

03.28.2023, 12:52 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Let's Get Organized

Is Being Organized in the Dental Office a Rule or a Myth?

Dental office organization is often seen as a prerequisite for success, especially the dental industry. Dental assistants in particular, are expected to be highly organized individuals as their job requires them to perform a wide range of tasks, from scheduling appointments to sterilizing equipment and working with dental inventory software. But is being organized a […]

03.27.2023, 1:15 PM  |   By Samantha Julia
Dental Tech

Where Can Dental Offices Find Information About Technology Innovations?

Do you have new dental technology in your office collecting dust? Not sure how to use it? Afraid of the change? Fear no more, because in this article we have listed and explained the places you can go for all of this information and start using your technology in the Dental office a lot sooner. […]

03.22.2023, 10:52 AM  |   By Samantha Julia

How ZenSupplies Founder, Tiger Safarov, Navigated Funding for His Dental Tech Startup: A Lighter Capital Podcast

In this exciting podcast episode, Melissa Widner, CEO of Lighter Capital, sits down with Tiger Safarov, the founder of ZenSupplies, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and the valuable lessons he’s learned with his Dental Tech Startup. ZenSupplies is a dental management system designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of dental practices, and Tiger’s story of how […]

03.15.2023, 12:00 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets

Mary Govoni, MBA, RDH, CDA, on Current Infectious Disease Issues in Dentistry and Why We Need to Stay Alert

  As we collectively let out a sigh of relief that the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing it’s end in May, it may be tempting to think about infection prevention and control as returning to the pre-pandemic practices and levels of awareness about infectious disease outbreaks.  If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that […]

03.10.2023, 9:34 AM  |   By Mary Govoni

5 Dynamics With Dental Assistants In The Workplace. Which One Are You?

The success of any dental office depends on the effectiveness of the team working together to achieve a common goal. Dental assistants are one of the most important members of a dental clinic who play a vital role by providing support to the dentist and ensuring the smooth running of the office. However, the dynamics […]

03.08.2023, 9:07 AM  |   By Samantha Julia
Members Spotlight

Amanda Kaminski on Using ZenSupplies, Multi-Vendor Management, and Being Successful in the Dental Office

Amanda’s Background Amanda is the facility and supply manager at Bubon Orthodontics, where she also handles treatment coordination remotely. She began her journey in the dental field after participating in a high school co-op program, which led to a job as a sterilization technician in a dental office. Amanda initially pursued massage therapy after graduation […]

02.28.2023, 12:59 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
Dental Tech

Dr. Aaron DeForest’s Perspective on ZenSupplies and the Importance of the Dental Tech Community

DentalTechup is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on dental technology and product reviews. It was started by Dr. Aaron DeForest, who is a dentist himself and understands the challenges faced by private practices in the dental industry. He noticed the landscape of the dental field changing with the emergence of corporate dentistry and large-scale […]

02.28.2023, 7:05 AM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
Vendors Spotlight

Going from $400K of Student Debt to a Successful Business Owner with $1.2M in profit: The Financial and Professional Journey of Dr. Daryl Brito, DMD and the owner of Brident Dental

Dr. Daryl Brito has an intriguing story to tell related to dental entrepreneurship. He started his career as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. Completing dental school and eventually opening up his own practice. However, he did not stop there. In a short period of time, he ventured into the distribution of dental products, achieving […]

02.28.2023, 6:38 AM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
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How to Streamline Ortho Inventory in Less Than 30 Days?

An efficient dental inventory system is a key for managing any dental practice, but it is especially important for orthodontic clinics. These types of offices have a higher volume of specialized equipment and dental supplies and require a more effective inventory tracking process due to the multiple appointments and longer treatment time of orthodontic treatment.  […]

02.09.2023, 1:42 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
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