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How ZenSupplies Founder, Tiger Safarov, Navigated Funding for His Dental Tech Startup: A Lighter Capital Podcast

03.15.2023, 12:00 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets

Mary Govoni, MBA, RDH, CDA, on Current Infectious Disease Issues in Dentistry and Why We Need to Stay Alert

  As we collectively let out a sigh of relief that the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing it’s end in May, it may be tempting to think about infection prevention and control as returning to the pre-pandemic practices and levels of awareness about infectious disease outbreaks.  If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that […]

03.10.2023, 9:34 AM  |   By Mary Govoni

5 Dynamics With Dental Assistants In The Workplace. Which One Are You?

The success of any dental office depends on the effectiveness of the team working together to achieve a common goal. Dental assistants are one of the most important members of a dental clinic who play a vital role by providing support to the dentist and ensuring the smooth running of the office. However, the dynamics […]

03.08.2023, 9:07 AM  |   By Sam
Members Spotlight

Amanda Kaminski on Using ZenSupplies, Multi-Vendor Management, and Being Successful in the Dental Office

Amanda’s Background Amanda is the facility and supply manager at Bubon Orthodontics, where she also handles treatment coordination remotely. She began her journey in the dental field after participating in a high school co-op program, which led to a job as a sterilization technician in a dental office. Amanda initially pursued massage therapy after graduation […]

02.28.2023, 12:59 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
Dental Tech

Dr. Aaron DeForest’s Perspective on ZenSupplies and the Importance of the Dental Tech Community

DentalTechup is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on dental technology and product reviews. It was started by Dr. Aaron DeForest, who is a dentist himself and understands the challenges faced by private practices in the dental industry. He noticed the landscape of the dental field changing with the emergence of corporate dentistry and large-scale […]

02.28.2023, 7:05 AM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
Vendors Spotlight

Going from $400K of Student Debt to a Successful Business Owner with $1.2M in profit: The Financial and Professional Journey of Dr. Daryl Brito, DMD and the owner of Brident Dental

Dr. Daryl Brito has an intriguing story to tell. He started his career as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. Completing dental school and eventually opening up his own practice. However, he did not stop there. In a short period of time, he ventured into the distribution of dental products, achieving what many dentists aspire […]

02.28.2023, 6:38 AM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
Members Spotlight

How to Streamline Ortho Inventory in Less Than 30 Days?

An efficient dental inventory system is a key for managing any dental practice, but it is especially important for orthodontic clinics. These types of offices have a higher volume of specialized equipment and dental supplies and require a more effective inventory tracking process due to the multiple appointments and longer treatment time of orthodontic treatment.  […]

02.09.2023, 1:42 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
Vendors Spotlight

Managing Costs of Dental Supplies and Potential Savings in 2023

With the global economy battling the post-COVID era and a current inflationary wave, the dental industry has faced its own challenges such as increased operating costs and a high employee turnover. During the pandemic, dental offices had to spend more money to ensure the safety of both their staff and patients. This included purchasing personal […]

02.09.2023, 1:33 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets

What is the Current State of Infection Prevention and Control for Dentistry?

Mary Govoni, CDA, RDH, MBA, Mary Govoni & Associates So much has happened around infection prevention and control (IPAC) in dentistry and other areas of health care over the course of the last 3 years.   At times the change has been dizzying, confusing and frustrating.   Many dental team members are expressing their sentiments […]

02.02.2023, 9:13 AM  |   By Mary Govoni
Vendors Spotlight

How to build a successful dental company from an idea? Dr. David Epstein DDS and Jason Epstein on Creating and Developing Wonderful Dental

In this vendor spotlight blog post, Jillian sits down with Dr. David Epstein and Jason Epstein to explore the exciting history behind Wonderful Dental. From pediatric dentistry to the founding of this family business, this conversation covers a wide range of fascinating topics and highlights the impact of Dr. David’s legacy on the dental industry. […]

01.31.2023, 1:57 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets
Let's Get Organized

A Lean Dental Office Needs To Adopt The 90% Rule to Be Productive

LEAN methodology in a dental setting involves implementing effective ways to manage the clinic’s operations and increase overall dental office efficiency. This can encompass things such as streamlining scheduling, minimizing waste, and enhancing communication among patients and staff members. One of the main advantages of LEAN methodology is increased dental office productivity. It can lead […]

01.27.2023, 1:23 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Work-life balance – existential crisis or a need for a framework overhaul?

Just like many things in this world, work life balance is a complex subject, perhaps with the wrong term/title that forces people to search for answers in the wrong place. What is balance? According to the Oxford dictionary, it’s a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. Meaning Your Work […]

01.23.2023, 9:04 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Members Spotlight

Carina Sauceda on Inventory Organizational Techniques at St. Clair & Massey Orthodontics

St. Clair & Massey Orthodontic Partnership is a well-established orthodontic practice that has been serving the community for many years. Recently, the practice has focused on improving its dental inventory organization and implementing ZenSupplies with impressive results. This case study explores the strategies and practices that have been used by this dental practice, and the […]

01.20.2023, 1:53 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets

The Compliance Divas Podcast: Experts Opinions on Infection Prevention and Control in January 2023

Staying informed and up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the dental industry is essential for us. One way to do this is by listening to the Compliance Divas podcasts that focus on important topics such as dental infection prevention and control. These podcasts provide valuable information and insights on how to maintain a […]

01.20.2023, 1:34 PM  |   By Anastasia Sanets

How Dental Clinics Can Enhance the Customer Experience: Best Practices from ZenSupplies

Providing a consistent and positive patient experience is essential for driving business growth, as satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal and help your business grow. In addition, the cost of acquiring a new customer is significantly higher than retaining an existing one. That is why, whether you’re a startup or a large DSO, […]

01.17.2023, 11:51 AM  |   By Anastasia Sanets

#50 ZenSupplies Road Map 2023 with Alesia and Delaney

2023 is promising to be an exciting year. Technology is booming and there is so much we can bring to dentistry to help with day to day tasks and stress. From AI to basic tasks automation we are looking at the entire landscape and discussing with our offices what is the path forward. From a […]

01.13.2023, 9:56 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Let's Get Organized

3 Ways to Save Money by Improving Inventory Management

By Lauren Carlson Let’s face it. Inventory dental inventory management in a dental office can be complicated, frustrating and, above all, time consuming. Instead of providing the best service and treatment to your patients, you (or your office managers or dental assistants) are busy in the supply closet counting gloves, masks, etc. until they’re cross-eyed, […]

12.07.2022, 1:00 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Let's Get Organized

[Case Study] River Run Dental Spa accelerates growth with ZenSupplies

For Elizabeth Bueno, the clinical director of a busy, multi-location dental practice, incorporating ZenSupplies into her systems increased efficiency, eliminated stress, and spurred further business growth. After five years utilizing ZenSupplies for ordering and dental inventory management, River Run Dental Spa in Richmond, Virginia has grown from one practice to five, and Bueno herself has […]

10.18.2022, 9:58 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

#42 Lightwave Dental COO John Demma

Today my guest is John Demma, COO of a very unique DSO, Light Wave Dental Management. We discuss leadership, team culture, and leading through service. John has a unique story, growing up in the family restaurant business, learning important skills early on. As John said during the interview “When it comes to leadership and management, […]

09.30.2022, 11:17 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

#41 Elizabeth Bueno, Clinical Director of River Run Dental. Exciting Story of Growth, Focus and Team work.

Elizabeth starts at 5am everyday at the gym to start moving and prepare for any challenges the day can bring. Then the work starts at 6:30am with one of the 6 locations at River Run dental. Her job role is a Clinical director, but she wears many hats to help achieve the goals. We spend […]

09.22.2022, 7:02 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Let's Get Organized

#40 Angie Bachman, Design Ergonomics

Angie Bachman, Director of Education at Design Ergonomics, shares her story from Dental Assistant to Supplies Sales Rep and to a role at Design Ergonomics where she helps dental office systems to truly get organized. We cover many things including my favorite topic, a career path for Dental Assistant how practices can create one to […]

09.15.2022, 7:53 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Episode #39 Dr. Tom Novak, DDS from 7 ops 2200SF to 12ops 4000SF building, best parenting advice, and 2 simple rules to a happy life

Dr. Tom has incredible story of growing up in Chicago ,having paper routes at 9 years old and growing up in the family of 6. After completing dental school, Tom joined the Navy for 5 years and then spent some time in Seattle making $31,000 a year before landing in Weatherford Texas. He recently expanded […]

09.15.2022, 7:17 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Members Spotlight

Episode#38 Santosh Patel on building Complete Specialty Solutions through perseverance and abundance mindset, why specialists burn out, and why AI will be so revolutionary in dentistry

Today I seat down with Santosh Patel, President of Complete Specialty Solutions. We talk about early days and how Santosh had to take PTO days to visit dental conferences and meet people at the Starbucks to save money on fancy dinners.

08.15.2022, 11:58 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Episode #37 Dr. Benjamin Johnson, leadership during COVID times, navigating employees retention, daily routine for peak performance, and how to build a special family

Welcome back to ZenOne podcast. Today I’m visiting one of my favorite offices in Waco Texas, Acre Wood Dental and the team, Dr. Ben Johnson, Allison, Meghan and Dan Johnson. We discuss projects Dr. Johnson completed during COVID, managing during tough times, culture and leadership.

08.15.2022, 11:45 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Let's Get Organized

ZenSupplies Update. What’s new, what are we building and much more

Many of our friends have been asking “What is going on with Zen?”. Well, we have been very busy and now I’m excited to share with you what’s new, what’s coming in the next few months and what’s the format for ZenOne Podcast.

08.02.2022, 4:58 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Dental Inventory Management in a private, startup dental practice [Guest Post]

As a new practice from scratch, there was no question that we needed to have dental office inventory software. I had worked as an associate at multiple offices, of which none utilized a system that was proven efficient. There were unused, expired products, random lists of supplies needed, ordering from one supplier, never price comparing, […]

04.01.2022, 6:00 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
Dental Tech Vendors Spotlight

Guest Post: Don’t Be Scared of Letting Your Patients Book Dental Appointments Online – It’s a Win-Win for You and Your Patients.

We love it when our friends in the industry share something interesting with our members. Today, our friend Dr. Gina Dorfman, CEO of Yapi Dental and a successful dentist, shares with us the myths about scheduling appointments online. Let’s get right into it: Online dental platform appointment scheduling is growing in popularity with dental patients. […]

02.03.2022, 11:03 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Okay….Now What?

The bad news is that our industry has been and will be fundamentally and permanently changed because of the pandemic. A lot of the changes affecting processes, procedures and protocols (especially as they relate to PPE’s) will probably remain. One guarantee therefore, is that things will not be going back to “the way they were”.  […]

12.22.2020, 11:28 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Update on COVID-19 and Dentistry

Dental practices have faced numerous challenges this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and those challenges continue.   As the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to increase, dental practices are facing additional hardships.  Supplies of PPE, especially respirators, continue to be difficult to find.  Dentistry now faces shortages of disinfectant wipes and gloves.  And […]

11.25.2020, 9:19 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

2020 the year of Patience and Priority

Those that navigate through 2020 and keep their head above the water deserve huge respect. It’s been a year of really testing everyone’s patience and in order to have some sense of stability, we all had to shift and rebalance our priorities. For most, it was rediscovering family time, for some it was learning a […]

11.11.2020, 11:48 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov

Changes in Dentistry-What does the future hold?

WHEW! Have you taken some time to really think about all that has changed over the last 6 months?  What a whirlwind!  Every position in the office has been affected by this.  Some have lower exposure risk, and some have very high exposure risks.  But one thing remains consistent:  The unspoken fear of what the […]

09.16.2020, 10:44 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov