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Stop Wasting Money on Expired Dental Materials!

07.27.2023, 2:06 PM  |   By Paige Anderson
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Alert of potential order delays, Starting August 1, 2023 your UPS Orders could be delayed. Read more…

Update: We are happy to update our members on the possible UPS strike. According to the news, the union was able to reach an agreement and avoided the chance of UPS workers going on strike. More on this here.   Dear Zen Members, We are monitoring the news regarding negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters […]

07.18.2023, 11:09 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Systems That Work: 
How to Create Routines Your Dental Office Staff Will Dependably Follow

Effective systems keep your dental office running smoothly. The better business is, the more efficient your systems need to be. A thriving dental office means a consistently full schedule. Over time, systems may start to break down as steps get skipped and tasks fall to the wayside. Building systems that work for your team means […]

07.12.2023, 11:34 AM  |   By Paige Anderson
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Simple Spreadsheet + Typeform for Getting Ordering Under Control in 3 Easy Steps

  With this quick video, you’ll learn how to use Google Spreadsheets and Typeform to get your dental budget and ordering under control: Step 1: Gather all vendors in one place.  Start with gathering all vendors in one place. This is probably the most daunting and the most important step. You need to know everyone […]

05.16.2023, 9:18 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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How Do You Know What Container Is Right For You?

There are thousands, maybe even millions of container options to choose from as a part of dental supply inventory management. When it comes to organizing in the dental office, it’s a little bit different from organizing your kitchen pantry. In this article we will help provide you with research and information on which dental carts […]

05.05.2023, 10:09 AM  |   By Samantha Julia
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5 Reasons Why Dental Practices NEED an Inventory Management and Procurement Software

In this article we will provide you with valuable information and research on why having an inventory management and procurement software system is so important and beneficial to you and your practice.    1. Efficient Inventory Management Managing dental inventory can be a challenge, and errors can lead to overspending or stock shortages. A good […]

04.19.2023, 8:22 AM  |   By Samantha Julia
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I Spent 2 Weeks Working At the Cedar Park Office, So What Did I Learn?

During 2 weeks working 9-5 (most days later than 5pm) at the dental practice in Austin, Texas, I did everything I could and was allowed to do. From cleaning instruments, taking the trash, ordering supplies, and other important things. Here is my quick breakdown of each day: Setup: – 6 fully working Ops and 2 […]

03.28.2023, 12:52 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Is Being Organized in the Dental Office a Rule or a Myth?

Dental office organization is often seen as a prerequisite for success, especially the dental industry. Dental assistants in particular, are expected to be highly organized individuals as their job requires them to perform a wide range of tasks, from scheduling appointments to sterilizing equipment and working with dental inventory software. But is being organized a […]

03.27.2023, 1:15 PM  |   By Samantha Julia
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A Lean Dental Office Needs To Adopt The 90% Rule to Be Productive

LEAN methodology in a dental setting involves implementing effective ways to manage the clinic’s operations and increase overall dental office efficiency. This can encompass things such as streamlining scheduling, minimizing waste, and enhancing communication among patients and staff members. One of the main advantages of LEAN methodology is increased dental office productivity. A Lean Dental […]

01.27.2023, 1:23 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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3 Ways to Save Money by Improving Inventory Management

By Lauren Carlson Let’s face it. Inventory dental inventory management in a dental office can be complicated, frustrating and, above all, time consuming. Instead of providing the best service and treatment to your patients, you (or your office managers or dental assistants) are busy in the supply closet counting gloves, masks, etc. until they’re cross-eyed, […]

12.07.2022, 1:00 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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[Case Study] River Run Dental Spa accelerates growth with ZenSupplies

For Elizabeth Bueno, the clinical director of a busy, multi-location dental practice, incorporating ZenSupplies into her systems increased efficiency, eliminated stress, and spurred further business growth. After five years utilizing ZenSupplies for ordering and dental inventory management, River Run Dental Spa in Richmond, Virginia has grown from one practice to five, and Bueno herself has […]

10.18.2022, 9:58 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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#40 Angie Bachman, Design Ergonomics

Angie Bachman, Director of Education at Design Ergonomics, shares her story from Dental Assistant to Supplies Sales Rep and to a role at Design Ergonomics where she helps dental office systems to truly get organized. We cover many things including my favorite topic, a career path for Dental Assistant how practices can create one to […]

09.15.2022, 7:53 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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ZenSupplies Update. What’s new, what are we building and much more

Many of our friends have been asking “What is going on with Zen?”. Well, we have been very busy and now I’m excited to share with you what’s new, what’s coming in the next few months and what’s the format for ZenOne Podcast.

08.02.2022, 4:58 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Live Events Recap for the week of July 20

Dear ZenFamily, Happy Monday to all! We hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend. As we jump into another busy week, we’d like to share a recap of live events and webinars for last week (the week of July 20) as well as some exciting live events that we have planned for the week of July […]

07.27.2020, 4:26 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Is it too late to Manufacture things in the US again?

Let me start with a bunch of questions that I still don’t have all the answers to. How is it possible that during a pandemic that we are left with no masks, gowns, respirators? How did we get to the point that we have to rely on another country to get us protection equipment? If […]

07.08.2020, 9:49 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Live Events Recap for the Week of June 22

Happy Monday to all! As another busy week begins, I’d like to provide a recap of the live events and webinars we’ve had at Zen this past week as well as some exciting live events that we have planned for the week of June 29! So last week, on Thursday, June 25, we invited Tim Twigg […]

06.29.2020, 3:39 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Why Are Systems SO Important?

When we hear the word systems, we instantly think of a machine, or a computer program, where everything MUST be black and white. We think redundancy. Ultimately, we think of the dreaded word…CHANGE. Yup, that’s the dreaded word we hear all too often!! CHANGE. Instantly our minds go to “She isn’t going to like the […]

06.11.2020, 12:40 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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What to do if you recently joined a buying group?

Recently we’ve been asked about buying groups and how to make your Zen Account work if you recently joined a buying group (Example: Synergy, DSN, DentalWhale, etc)?  Let’s review the process together.  Step 1: First of all, obtain a list of distributors that the buying group has negotiated prices with. Review distributors on the list […]

12.13.2019, 8:53 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Why choose Advanced Setup with Zen Subscription

  Lowering overhead on dental supplies is a process. At Zen we approach it based on 3 Phases: Phase 1 is building a reliable ordering process Phase 2 is negotiating better pricing Phase 3 details and measuring supplies on a daily basis and by procedures Every office has its own goal and not all offices […]

11.05.2019, 8:28 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Dental Inventory makeover with Ellicott City Smile Center

We recently completed a Dental Inventory Makeover in Baltimore and wanted to share with you what does the process involves. It’s a lot of fun for us and we hope you get excited so one day we meet you in person at your dental practice. Please enjoy!   [embedyt][/embedyt]

10.28.2019, 7:01 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Tiger Safarov talks with Dr. Bryan Stimmler on The Better Dentistry Podcast

[embedyt][/embedyt] Warning: uncensored interview A good friend of mine Dr. Bryan Stimmler and I seat down for a casual conversation at Bryan’s home in Brooklyn NY. You can give it a listen or watch full length. We go in different directions, discuss dentistry, everything around dentistry and much more. Hope you enjoy it! Tiger

07.30.2019, 10:25 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Zen & Work: New Podcast episode! Tiger Safarov & Dr. Andy Tran interview Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin of Dentologie

We are excited to bring you this new episode from the Zen & Work podcast archives! In this episode, Tiger Safarov, Founder of Zen Supplies, and Dr. Andy Tran (Apex Dental Studio) talk with Dr. Mohiuddin, an owner, and doctor at the Chicago based practice Dentologie. Listen along as they discuss User (ie. patient) Experience, […]

07.30.2019, 6:14 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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What Zen Setup Option is best for your practice?

When we started Zen back in 2016 it was a simple onboarding process that included – distributors, navigating Zen and pretty much that’s all. Then we started going to our client’s practices to learn and observe and we realized our offices are busy. Rarely we get someone excited over “Let’s rebuild your dental inventory“, and […]

07.07.2019, 12:33 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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How a simple spreadsheet can help you control dental inventory!

Hi, everybody. Let’s break this down into the simple steps and figure out a way to use spreadsheets to simply and easily control your dental inventory, submit orders, and pretty much stay within a budget.   First, we’re going to start with what we call Operatory Inventory Checklists. So that’s going to be available for […]

07.03.2019, 7:43 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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[Webinar] How StudioDental took full control of their inventory with Zen

[embedyt][/embedyt] Welcome to another webinar/interview with CEO of Studio Dental Lowell Caulder. We discuss how to match Physical space to their Virtual Space in Zen, How to get entire team compliance, and in case of turn around how to onboard new team members on Zen within minutes. Lowell explains their hiring process, books that […]

06.14.2019, 6:35 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Dental Inventory Makeover Webinar

Welcome to our first webinar on Dental Inventory Makeover process. In this 30 minute video we break down the process into 5 major steps: Organizing Physical Space How to Implement Dental Inventory Controls Ordering Process How to Control your Budget How to Negotiate Prices Hope you find it productive and something you can implement right […]

04.30.2019, 12:14 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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3 Reasons why Free Goods aren’t really FREE!

I’ve been asked this question a lot of times. Every time we onboard and train new dental practice this question comes up “How do I track my free goods?” My concern, they are not FREE!! There is no Santa Claus. There is no Easter Bunny.  There is no such thing as FREE DENTAL PRODUCTS! Now […]

04.19.2019, 12:25 PM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Demystifying budget allocations with Jake Conway

Budget is one of the main reasons dental practices sign up with Zen. A single place for all distributors provides a better platform to manage the budget. Therefore that’s one of the questions we ask and the answer can be anywhere from 2.8-12%. To be honest, when I hear anything more than 7% I tend […]

04.16.2019, 11:52 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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Howdy Y’all, Let’s Get Organized!

It is often said that the best way to learn a new language is immersion. Simply stated, it’s the concept that being present and surrounded by the speakers of that language with active context accelerates the learning process. Even greater than formal, structured education, immersion allows the learner to strip away all of the hypotheticals. […]

01.29.2019, 1:48 AM  |   By admin
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Bringing Zen to Bellmead

We traveled a long way and our first stop in Texas did not disappoint! We were blown away by the systems put in place at Acre Wood Dental. They got ORGANIZED! After embracing Zen, this office dropped their supply overhead from 10% in October to 5% in December! (And they are doing it again in […]

01.22.2019, 3:45 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov
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October 2018 Update

Dear Zen Family, Welcome to our Monthly Update! We really had a lot on our mind and on our plate and honestly we couldn’t wait to share with you. Please grab a seat and let’s go through all of this together. Software Update: New ZenOut is going live tonight. New and easier design eliminated unnecessary […]

10.09.2018, 8:53 AM  |   By Tiger Safarov