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Dr. Aaron DeForest’s Perspective on ZenSupplies and the Importance of the Dental Tech Community

Dr. Aaron DeForest’s Perspective on ZenSupplies and the Importance of the Dental Tech Community

DentalTechup is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on dental technology and product reviews. It was started by Dr. Aaron DeForest, who is a dentist himself and understands the challenges faced by private practices in the dental industry. He noticed the landscape of the dental field changing with the emergence of corporate dentistry and large-scale DSOs, which lowered the cost of supplies and outcompeted private practices on advertising budgets and dental technology.

To address this challenge, Dr. DeForest started DentalTechup to help dentists determine what software and products they are interested in purchasing. Dr. Aaron DeForest is a visionary who believes that technology is the key to driving progress in the dental industry. He recognized that many dentists were struggling to keep up with the latest technological advances, and that paying for expensive consultants was not a sustainable solution. As a result, he started DentalTechup, a platform that provides dentists with free resources to help them learn about new technology and how to implement it in their practices. This is important because technology has the potential to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. 

Overall, Dr. DeForest’s vision for DentalTechup and Digital DSO is to create a more connected, innovative, and technologically advanced dental industry. By empowering dentists with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world, he is helping to ensure that patients receive the best possible care, and that the dental profession continues to thrive well into the future.

According to Dr. Aaron DeForest, a change in industry dynamics is not likely to be initiated by individuals, but rather by companies and their leadership. One specific company that is driving transformation in the dental industry is ZenSupplies, which supports over a thousand dental offices with its innovative software. We highly recommend watching Dr. Aaron DeForest’s video, where he provides insights into the overall mission of ZenSupplies and shares his initial thoughts about the platform’s benefits:

Dr. DeForest will be releasing a video in the future that will provide even deeper insights into ZenSupplies’ features about their budget setup options, varying prices, shipping speeds, and QR code tracking. 

Here are some important main points throughout the video: 

–  ZenSupplies supports over a thousand dental offices with their software, connecting dentists to multiple vendors, and sharing resources digitally to save them money and make their work more efficient.

–  ZenSupplies allows users to set up a budget on their account to control their monthly spending or savings. The platform offers similar products with different prices and shipping speeds, giving users the flexibility to choose what best suits their needs.

– The platform also features QR codes to streamline the order process and make it easy to use.

– Tiger, the CEO of ZenSupplies, cares deeply about the user experience and is known for personally visiting clients for hours and days at a time to ensure their needs are met. He is dedicated to providing dentists with innovative solutions that prioritize their interests. He makes sure their needs are met with the software. 

– Not only does ZenSupplies show you your budget, but actually how much you saved during the ordering process as well. 

– Features of the platform include: Dental Catalogs, your inventory, restock inventory, quick order, office supplies, orders, and reports to make ZenSupplies simple, and easy to use. 


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