Holy upper molar, the patient is here and I ran out of septocaine?

All Dental Practices run into the same problems. Ordering is a mess, running out of products, no budget, and price comparison that takes hours. With Zen you can resolve it all in one place!

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Organize the chaos with Zen
"ZenSupplies has revolutionized our ordering process. Being on hold just to place an order is a thing of the past. Aside from making my orders fast and efficient, it’s fun to use!"
Justino Martinez,
Lead Assistant United Dental Partners
"Zen Supplies has made budgeting and organizing SUPER EASY in our practice. We're able to purchase all of our dental supplies from 1 website. And it keeps track of our budget every month. I highly recommend Zen for any practice! I LOVE U ZEN! Thank you!!!"
Andrea Hardcastle,
Office Manager Village Dental
Our Solutions
Rep Didn't place my order... Ohh Snap...

With ZenSupplies never miss the order again! All orders are organized in one place and ZenAssistant can help you follow up with all of your reps and keep you updated on any backorders.

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Wait, no one told me we are out of heavy body...

Constantly Running out of Products? With ZenSupplies all products are organized, controlled, ordered and tracked in one place. With a simple login, you can see how much of each product you have on the shelves.

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Is lidocaine cheaper on Net32... Hmmm

Have fear of missing out on a deal? With the Zen price comparison tool finding less expensive alternatives is easy and fast. Our system provides you with complete information on delivery charges, delivery time and present the best option.

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And I still have to assist today?????

Stressed? We know how stressful a dental assistant's job can be. When you are tripple booked and have to turn over the rooms, haul out the trash, be the cheerleader, and maintain the dental supply inventory. The world is on your shoulders. Let us reduce the load a little bit.

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Zen benefits
Great Customer Support
Get help when you need it. We're here to help you grow your practice
Awesome Features
Constantly adding features that help you run control dental inventory
Save $ with each order
On average our dental practices run their dental supplies budgets between 4-5.5% off of the collections
"I love Zen. It takes me 15 minutes to prepare an order and find lowest price for a product. And I never run out of things"
Lupe, Lead Dental Assistant
Nicholas Dental Care
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