Cancellation policies

Since ZenSupplies is a platform to help you manage orders, we will do our best to assist you with cancellations with your current distributors. However, if the order (orders) is placed using “Lowest Price” option, the clients can cancel the order due to delivery time or quality issues at any time, and ZenSupplies will assist with the order of products from another qualified distributor.

Refund policies

Orders that were processed as the “DISTRIBUTOR PAYMENTS – PAID VIA CREDIT CARD ON FILE” option will be subject to a full refund. Zen will cover the difference if the product is placed with another distributor due to quality or time of delivery issues.

Privacy/personally identifiable information policies

At ZenSupplies, we take your privacy very seriously and we protect your personal information, custom prices, and any other personal information. Even within ZenSupplies, clients do not have access to each other’s custom pricing.

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