When would you have time to get inventory organized if not now?

Every Dental Practice runs into the same problems. Ordering is a mess, running out of products, no budget, and no one knows where things are. Schedule a DEMO to learn how you can fix it once and for all!

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Organize the chaos with Zen
"Zen supplies has been an incredible addition to our practice. It's helped us stay organized and on top of inventory and ordering. Tiger and his team have been great - they've really helped us get up to speed and even helped us with our inventory storage system. It's been great!"
Dr. Jacob Rogers,
Zen Supplies has made budgeting and organizing SUPER EASY in our practice. We're able to purchase all of our dental supplies from 1 website. And it keeps track of our budget every month. I highly recommend Zen for any practice! I LOVE U ZEN! Thank you!!!
Andrea Hardcastle,
Office Manager Village Dental
Our Solutions
Why do I have sticky notes on my desk?

No more sticky notes with ZenSupplies. Products are added to the shopping cart so you can quickly review and price compare. If you like what you selected just process the order and tell your assistant that you are a Hero!

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Who switched my Double sided articulating paper...RRRR

Are your products constantly changing when the assistant is trying to save money? With ZenSupplies you can lock your favorite products and have complete confidence that it will not change while price comparing different options.

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We ran out of sutures? Are you kidding me...

Remember last time assistant told you: "Doctor we are out of ...." and the cold blood ran through your body? With Zen, all of the supplies are organized and tracked in one place. When low

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Zen benefits
Great Customer Support
Get help when you need it. We're here to help you grow your practice
Awesome Features
Constantly adding features that help you run control dental inventory
Save $ with each order
On average our dental practices run their dental supplies budgets between 4-5.5% off of the collections
"I was intrigued by Zen because we had a lead assistant who wasted time on ordering and took forever to price compare products..."
Dr. Maxwell Johnson, DDS
Oracle Family Dental
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