Episode 55.
Dr. Joon Han, how did we build a dental practice 14 years ago?
Episode 54.
Starting ZenSupplies on the shoestring budget and how it almost failed in 2019
Episode 53.
What is a true application of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry?
Episode 52.
3DISC Intraoral Scanner Solution and Digital Dentistry
Episode 51.
Wonderful Dental Origin Story with Dr. David Epstein and Jason Epstein
Episode 50.
ZenSupplies 2023 RoadMap, with Alesia and Delaney
Episode 49.
Waterline bacteria with Kellie Thimmes and Mike Rust [part 2]
Episode 48.
Waterline bacteria and treatment with ProEdge Dental Water Labs
Episode 47.
Laura Mordica, fresh off the press, New Horizons Dental got Acquired by 2 DSO.
Episode 46.
Dr. David Bonner “Dentistry is a wonderful profession, but why are so many dentist blue?”
Episode 45.
Matt Barber on Private Equity, being misunderstood, being ambitious, ADHD and how to clearly define success
Episode 44.
ZenSupplies Team Offsite in Austin
Episode 43.
Delaney Barber, a career path from Dental Assistant to Customer Support Manager ZenSupplies
Episode 42.
Lightwave Dental COO John Demma
Episode 41.
Elizabeth Bueno, Clinical Director of River Run Dental. Exciting Story of Growth, Focus and Team work
Episode 40.
Angie Bachman, Design Ergonomics
Episode 39.
Dr. Tom Novak, DDS from 7 ops 2200SF to 12ops 4000SF building, best parenting advice, and 2 simple rules will lead a happy life
Episode 38.
Santosh Patel on building Complete Specialty Solutions through perseverance and abundance mindset, why specialists burn out, and why AI will be so revolutionary in dentistry
Episode 37.
Dr. Benjamin Johnson, leadership during COVID times, navigating employees retention, daily routine for peak performance, and how to build a special family
Episode 36.
Is ZenSupplies still alive? Tiger will answer this and few other questions
Episode 35.
Dr. Matt Kathan shares his invention
Episode 34.
Mary Govoni OSHA/CDC Updates and What are the Options if we Run Out of Gloves/Wipes?
Episode 33.
New Water Treatment Products from ProEdge Dental Water Lab
Episode 32.
Importance of Supporting US Based Manufacturers with Jen Guarino, CEO of ISAIC
Episode 31.
Tim Twigg on Post COVID Hiring Challenges and PPP Forgiveness Update
Episode 30.
Disinfecting With Cold Fogging? Does it Really Work for Dental?
Episode 29.
5/22 Live 1 pm: Final Touches Prior to Reopening
Episode 28.
Understanding Mask Types and Compliance for Dental Practices
Episode 27.
Water Line Treatment Prior to Reopening with Mary Govoni, Mike Rust and Kelly
Episode 26.
Don’t be Moody on Monday with Dr. Justin Moody
Episode 25.
Dental Assistants Share Their Side Hustles
Episode 24.
Dr. Brett Gilbert on Positive Mindset and Why Change is Crucial for Self Development
Episode 23.
The HR Conversation with Tim Twigg
Episode 22.
Mary Govoni: Guidelines on how we are going to protect our patients, our staff and ourselves. Understanding the purchasing constraints of PPE
Episode 21.
An International Reflection on the Coronavirus (France & New Zealand)
Episode 20.
Zen Offices Share their Inventory and Ordering Process
Episode 19.
Vivek Kinra on Collecting 30K in Insurance from Home
Speaker: Vivek Kinra
Agenda: Let’s open up this week’s Live Webinar with a good friend, co-owner/CEO of PPO Profits; co-owner/CEO of Verrific, and Zen Member (VIP Dental Lounge)
Episode 18.
Mary Beth and Missy Fryer on Preparing Yourself for What Life Throws At You
Speakers: Mary Beth and Missy Fryer
Episode 17.
Story from the Trenches: Seeing 7-12 true emergencies every day with Ivana Bueno
Speaker: Ivana Bueno
Episode 16.
Dental Assistant Survival Guide During Quarantine
Episode 15.
Dr.Sully Sullivan: Being a Millennial during the time of uncertainty
Speakers: Dr.Sully Sullivan
Agenda: Is our generation (millennials) ready for this? How to manage stress that it doesn’t lead to tragic events? How do we keep our perspective if for some this is the first major? Is your circle of friends lighting you up or not?
Episode 14.
Tim Twigg: How the 3/27 Stimulus Bill Affects Dental Offices and what Details we Need to Know
Speakers: Tim Twigg
Agenda: How the current COVID-19 situation affects dental practices; Key Provisions in the stimulus package for offices and team members; Will the package help to keep the team employed? What to know before sending the team home and what our team members need to know? Do and Don’t of remote work
Episode 13.
Week 1: Quarantine Recap with Zen Assistants
Speakers: Iryna, a member of Zen Team, Vanessa and Rosanna from Forest Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, and Alyssa from Harvest Dental
Agenda: Reality of Dental offices being closed; Work from home options for dental assistants; Pay cuts/Unemployment- how to deal with the financial aspect of this crisis? 10-15 years from now how would we look at this time period and what reflection would we take with us?
Episode 12.
Thriving with Dr. Cristian Pavel (The Dental Yogis)
Speakers: Dr. Cristian Pavel and Dr. Danielle
Agenda: Some of you might think “Oh c’mon not another breathing exercise”, just give it a chance. On this live event we will talk about Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, dealing with stress and how overcoming challenges is actually healthy. Both Dr. Pavel and Dr. Casciololi have done a tremendous amount of work with a dental community to help with anxiety, stress and as simple as being happy. At times like these, it’s important to first lead ourselves into calmness, clarity, and prosperity. Only then can we lead our staff, our loved ones, and our patients.
Episode 11.
Reality with Dr. Justin Moody, DDS. Things are tough, now what? How to get yourself through this!
Speaker: Dr. Justin Moody, General dentist, owner of one of the most successful implant training courses Implant Pathway, and the host of “Dentists, Implants, and Worms” podcast
Agenda: The reality of Dental offices being closed; Emergency Patients vs Complete Closure. Should Specialist still be open? What can we do while on mandatory quarantine? Implant Courses? 10-15 years from now how would we look at this time period and what reflection would we take with us? Will fireballs really gonna help?
Episode 10.
COVID19: Reality. Check with Dr. Gina Dorfman, Dentist, and CEO of Yapi Dental
Speaker: Dr. Gina Dorfman, dentist and fellow CEO of Yapi Dental. Dr. Dorfman is a published author and an experienced public speaker. She has contributed to many dental publications and has spoken at many live events throughout the years. Her latest passion is her new podcast, Behind the Smiles
Agenda: The reality of Dr. Gina’s Practice; Emergency Dentistry/ Remote Dentistry; CEO Hat of Yapi Dental, Survival Plan
Episode 9.
COVID19: Reality and what we can do together.
Speakers: Mary Govoni (Compliance Expert) and Julie Varney (Rock star Dental Assistant, Creator of the DANCE Conference)
Agenda: What to do if you are open and seeing emergency patients? What to do if you are completely closed? How to use downtime effectively? How to prepare for when you are back and running? What sources to trust?

Episode 8.
Interview With Dr. Patrick Anghel, DDS
Speaker: Dr. Patrick Anghel, DDS
Episode 7.
Interview With Dr. Andy Tran DMD: How To Put Together Your First Dental Supplies Order
Speaker: Dr. Andy Tran DMD
Agenda: How To Put Together Your First Dental Supplies Order
Episode 6.
Better Dentistry Podcast with Dr. Bryan Stimmler and Tiger Safarov
Speakers: Dr. Bryan Stimmler and Tiger Safarov
Episode 5.
Dentologie Interview with Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin
Speaker: Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin
Episode 4.
Interview With Meghan from Alexandria Endo. July 12, 2019
Speaker: Meghan
Episode 3.
Julie Varney. Infection Control
Speaker: Julie Varney
Agenda: Infection Control
Episode 2.
Interview with Brittany Lopez from Castle Peak Dental
Speaker: Brittany Lopez
Episode 1.
Interview Jake Conway 4.15.19
Speaker: Jake Conway

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