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1. Is ZenSupplies a distributor?

We are not. ZenSupplies is a technology platform that manages your inventory and facilitates orders. For Example, If Patterson is your supplier of choice, you will continue purchasing product from them, but through our platform.

2. Ok, so what’s the setup process like?

Our setup process is extremely straight forward. Depending on the ZenSupplies plan you choose – and your own personal preferences – you can either set up our software yourself, or we can help walk you through it. Once you open an account with us, the Wizard will take you through the initial setup process in less than 30 minutes. After this, you’ll recieve a prompt to build out your inventory. If you have recent invoices on hand, you can accomplish this process in 2-4 hours. Then, depending on the plan you choose, you’ll be prompted to either add products to virtual rooms (for Zen Premium and Zen Enterprise), or simply finish your setup.

3. Ok, so what exactly would I need ZenSupplies for?

Have you ever ordered too much or too little product? Do you find yourself frequently unsure of what you have in stock across all your offices? Perhaps you’ve never had full visibility of your invoices. Or maybe when you finally do sit down to place an order, you spend hours filling out separate fax order forms for each individual distributor. These are just a few examples of the things we help your practice simplify.

4. Can I pay my invoices through ZenSupplies?

Of course you can! Invoice payment is a built-in feature we’ve included across all of our packages.

5. How will you know my prices? Do you review distributor invoices?

Great Question! When we initially set up your inventory – or, if you choose to do it yourself – one of the first things we do is work on gaining an understanding of your distributors’ prices by analyzing the invoices you have on hand. Once setup is complete, we’ll continue monitoring your products’ prices by concurrently tracking all your invoices and payments.

6. What are virtual rooms?

Think of virtual rooms as “departments”. When our clients are setting up their inventory and labeling their virtual rooms, the most common are Hygiene, Ortho, or Ortho 3M, SML, etc. Setting up these virtual rooms makes accessing your inventory even easier and allows you to spend far less time organizing it.

7. How do you know or track my stock levels? How can I trust that ZenSupplies will help me always maintain up-to-date inventory levels?

Both great questions! We’ve developed an iPad/tablet application, called ZenOut, that’s designed specifically to help your practice keep an always-accurate inventory. When you or your employees restock a room or use a product, they’ll use ZenOut to update inventory then and there. We recommend you station your iPad/tablet in the most accessible part of your office for greatest efficiency.
Two questions we usually get are, “Is it time consuming?” and, “How do I know that my assistants are going to use it consistently?” The process of using ZenOut to update your inventory takes as little as 7-10 seconds. And after conducting a client survey, we learned that even the least organized offices were able to effectively use ZenOut during their busiest hours. As far as adoption goes, getting your staff to use it consistently will primarily be on you. If you’ve had to teach employees how to use softwares like EagleSoft or Dentrix, you probably already know that you get out of them what you and your staff put in. This same principle applies to ZenOut, just with a much smaller learning curve.

8. Do you provide training?

Of course! Regardless on the plan you choose, you’ll have access to unlimited phone/video support through our representatives and Support Center. For larger groups, we also offer an option for onsite training.

9. How are orders sent to distributors and how can I trust the orders I submit will be processed by our distributors?

Glad you asked! Since we are still a young company, we send most of our distributors email orders. Upon submitting your order, we’ll generate an itemized email, send it to each respective distributor, and immediately verify receipt of the order. However, for some distributors that are more forward-thinking, we are building a back-end integration function. After you submit/approve an order, this feature would enable direct communication to the distributor’s server for the order to be processed. Once this feature is complete, we’ll inform you and endeavor to have it adopted by all of the distributors we work with.

10. How much can my practice expect to save in the first year?

We’ll be honest with you, it’s difficult to for us to predict exact numbers for a given practice without the necessary information. However, if you choose to work with us, after your first 2-3 months, we will analyze your spending habits and provide a holistic breakdown of your potential monthly and annual savings. Our goal for all our clients is to cut inventory expenses down to 4-5% of their total overhead.

11. What if I’m not happy with ZenSupplies after 6 months?

While we have yet to encounter a dissatisfied client, we do provide a 6-month, money-back guarantee. Should you choose to cancel beyond the 6-month mark, there is no cancellation fee.

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