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30 days free trial

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Starter is designed to bring you the most reasonable, authorized distributors in one place. If you are not chasing brand names and prioritize savings, then you are in for a great treat.

Single location


30 days free trial

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Pro is a home for all the distributors and manufacturers you purchase from and is a true price comparison platform designed for practitioners who value time, budget, and are ready to open a whole new world of savings.

Single and Multiple Locations

per location
per location

Setup fee*: $599 - first location
$199 per additional location

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*setup fee includes 2 hours of training for the first location and 1 hour for any additional location
Premium is designed for practitioners and small groups who are finally ready to get in control of their inventory, value time-savings, and need to keep their current pricing in check.

Zen Power Features

All Distributors in Zen

With 250,000 + products and more than 200+ distributors on the platform, Zen eliminates the need for placing orders on different websites.

Zen Price Comparison

This simple feature allows you to see price transparency in one place. An entire order or an individual product can be processed with peace of mind.

Access to Special Pricing

We use our buying leverage to negotiate prices for our Zen members. The same products or house brands are typically at a 25-40% discount.

Access to MSDS

Have access to Safety Data Sheets to all products in inventory with Zen. On both the iPad and the desktop, MSDS will be at your fingertips.

Advanced Inventory Management

For small to mid-size groups we have the ability to create your custom formulary and easily manage ordering processes for all of your locations.

Free Shipping and Free Returns

Free shipping on orders $69 and over when purchasing from Zen's preferred distributors. If you didn't like the product, you can always request a refund and return a product for free.

Premium Package Add-ons

Advanced Inventory Management
  • Create custom groups by specialties
  • Create & monitor corporate buying
  • Create custom formularies
  • Custom inventory tracking by individual user
  • Set order submittal preferences & schedule & budgets
Invoice & Process Payments
  • Monitor invoices, refunds, credit memos
  • Paperless billing
  • Zen will analyze discrepancies (purchase order vs invoice)
  • Zen will prepare & process payments
  • Combine monthly orders into single convenient payment (optional)
  • Assist in submitting free goods to manufacturers

Price and Plans FAQ

How do I sign up?

Get started with a 15 day free trial! You can also select one of our plans above and get started. To start a free trial simply select a plan and select "Start Free Trial" and you will be prompted to a simple sign up page. After you fill out the form and confirm a couple things (email address and dental license) you can start placing orders. We call it Happy Zenning!

What happens at the end of my trial?

Your account will be automatically upgraded to the plan you selected originally.

Are there any distributors Zen is not maintaining custom prices for?

Yes, we are constantly working to improve that and make sure we have a smooth experience for our users. We can't provide a list of distributors since it's rapidly changing and honestly it should not affect any of the user side functionality :)

How do we know that the orders are being processed by distributors?

Once you select Proceed to Checkout, complete a final review, and select Approve Order, all orders are submitted to the different vendors you selected at the checkout. You can track the status of the order in Latest Orders and under the column Status.

Do you offer support for additional inventory products or training?

Honestly, we are not big on charging for additional time, but when we do it costs $85/hr. However, once in a while we get practices that need more attention/work than others. When it's hard for us to fit all the tasks in our standard setup fee, we will notify you first about additional charges and only with your approval proceed with additional hours.

What if I decided to pre-pay for the full year mid-month?

Our pricing is flexible and we should have no problem helping you upgrade to a different plan or pre-pay for the full year. Please contact our customer support for additional help.

How do I connect my current vendors (Ex: one of the large distributors)?

It's a very easy process. If you are using the Starter Plan you will need to upgrade to the Pro Plan to be able to add your own distributors. Then in Settings (Premium Plan) or My Account (Pro Plan), select Distributors and then Add Distributor. Contact us if you encounter any issues; we will be happy to work with you to resolve it.

What is included in the setup fee?

There are three components that make up the setup fee: the cost of conducting the setup call, the cost of building your inventory list on the platform by our onboarding team, and the cost of the initial training. Instead of individually charging you for each service, we combine them and charge you a single amount.

How do you get and maintain custom prices?

Custom prices that your distributors set for you will be updated automatically and will match the prices you are shown when you log in to the respective distributor portal. Please note these prices may not be final as many distributors have a practice of adjusting client prices based on the order volume. When it comes to Zen Preferred vendors, all prices are final and what you see at the checkout page is what you will be charged.

How does price comparison work?

This is our special sauce if you will! Price comparison is a final step for all our packages; before you select a checkout option we will give you an opportunity to price shop your entire order. There might be specials, limited free shipping and other incentives that our system will take into account and help you build the most economical order. We call it full price transparency!

How do you process payments through Zen to all my current vendors?

Currently we are processing payments as a beta service to a few offices and will be offering this service to our Premium Package members starting early 2018.

How do I upgrade? Can I switch plans?

Simply select one of our plans in Settings - Payment Methods - Select Plan. If you are using the Premium Plan you will need to contact our customer support to help you select additional features.

How do I cancel the service?

If you are a paying customer and wish to cancel your service, we are really sad to see you go! As a startup your support is all we got. If there is anything we can help to resolve we would love the opportunity to know. Please email our team at orders@zensupplies.com

Commitment Length

All of our membership plans are 12 months long.

Can I keep my current sales reps and still work with Zen?

Yes, your rep can stay and be part of Zen Integration. We highly recommend to get them involved. Even if orders are submitted electronically your rep still gets a credit as long as they are linked to your account.

What does "Access to Only ZenPreferred" and "Access to Online Accounts only" mean?

Our Starter Plan provides access to a growing number of suppliers that provide special pricing to all Zen members and allow process payments through Zen, therefore making it incredibly easy for our practices and team members use Zen for purchasing PRO Plan provides access to a growing list of suppliers that you can connect to Zen using your username and password.

Plan Features

Access to Special Pricing
Access to MSDS
Access to Product Price Comparison
Track Products and Shipments in one Place
Access to Help and Video Tutorials
Access to Office Supplies
Verify Orders and Access to Return Labels
Distributors (Suppliers) Access
Access to the largest selection of SuppliersAccess to
Access to
Online Accounts
Access to
more than
350+ suppliers
Access to Major Distributor Catalogs
Sync and periodically update your custom client prices
Manage Returns and Print Return Labels From One Place
Access to Manufacturer & Distributor Specials and Promotions
Live Chat Support
Custom Pricing Management
Initial Inventory Setup
Set & Control Budget
Create & Control Custom Inventory List
Track inventory with innovative iPad app ZenOut
Ability to set inventory Min/Max levels
Get automatic suggested Restocking List
Ability to Predict Running Low Products
Access to in Depth Reports and Analytics
Track Use Tax (products purchased without sales tax)
Dynamic Monthly Analytics by Spent by Categories & Distributors
Product Use by Date; User; Category
Multi-Location Support
Dedicated Phone Support
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