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Zen Basic

($50/month | $109 total saving)
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(Solo Practitioners: 1-3 locations)
Zen Basic is a home for all distributors you purchase from and true price comparison platform designed for practitioners who value time and budget.
  • Detailed Product Price Comparison
  • Corporate Dentistry Rates
  • Unlimited Number of Zen Approved Distributors
  • "One-Click" Order Approval Process for multiple Distributors
  • Custom Inventory
  • Full control over Budgets and Products
  • Order Tracking
  • Control Backorders and Missing Items
  • Manage Returns
  • Manage unlimited number of locations from a single place
  • Free Shipping with Zen Preferred Vendors
Zen Premium
Limited Promo
/for 12 months
($90/month | $108 total saving)
Regular Price
Regular Price
Select Zen Premium

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(Solo Practitioners & Mid Size Groups)
Premium is designed for practitioners and groups who are finally ready to get a control of their inventory, value time savings and need to keep their current pricing in check.
  • All the great features for Inventory management and cost control along with a load of awesome new ones we're building right now!
  • Access to Major Dental Distributor Catalogs
  • Ability to Build Internal Formulary
  • Holistic Order Analytics and Suggested Orders
  • Ability to Organize Inventory by Groups and Rooms
  • Real Time Inventory Tracking
  • Order Submittal Preferences
  • Alerts/Reminders on Products Running Low; Due Invoices; Promotions
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
  • ZenOut: Real-Time Inventory Tracking
  • Unlimited Access to MSDS
  • Product Reviews
  • Track Free-Goods
  • Dynamic Monthly Analytics
  • Alerts/Reminders on Products Running Low; Due Invoices; Promotions

Step Two: Select Setup Assistance

Personal Setup

For tech savvy Zenners who want to build their inventory from catalogs themselves, and only need video tutorials for assistance.

Inventory Setup
$299Inventory Setup + 45 min Complimentary Training

For Teams who know their way around a computer, can watch tutorials and quickly learn, but need help and create their entire virtual inventory for them (yes, we will upload all of your past products from any distributor you purchased in the past!).

Inventory Setup + Training
$599*Inventory Setup and 4 Hours of Training

For Teams who are extremely busy and need Zen Coaching to get organized and who will feel more comfortable having one of our Onboarding Coaches personally handle setup, assist at any given point and need incentive to get things done (yes, that $100 refund is waiting for you at the end!)
* ($100 refund for Successful Onboarding within 30 Days)

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