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Zen Story

ZenSupplies set out in the beginning of 2016 with a simple, yet bold mission: to Organize the dental industry through curiosity. And although we may be young, we couldn’t be more excited about our chances of one day achieving it.

Our vision is to build an exceptional company with a vibrant soul where everyday, something special is being built. We dream of being a place where people genuinely love to work, and are always motivated to go the extra mile. Equally, we dream of building a product that our customers absolutely love – not just because it’s “easy to use”, but because of how it changes their lives. Clearly, we do a lot of dreaming here at ZenSupplies. After all, every great thing begins with a dream.

Zen Story

Why We are Different?


We are driven by our passion to build a product that’s needed. We drive crazy hours to visit our clients and interview them. We are driven to provide value to our Dental Assistants and Doctors. We know what it means to run out of product or to stay in the office to count supplies to make sure you have enough products for tomorrow.

What are we driven by?

We are not afraid to say NO to the features and functionalities that our members think will not work. We are not driven by how many locations we have rather by what our active practices value the most. We are driven by doing the right thing. The dental industry is an amazing place to be and needs just a little bit more empathy and Zen for each other.

Why We are Different?

Our 10 Core Values

Be Curious: Curiosity is at the foundation of our company. What is curiosity?

Work Hard Play Hard! We are building something that is really really hard. And we secretly like it! For Zen team there is no better perk than solving a really difficult problem, and only then unlimited vacation.

Overcommunicate: We over-communicate with each other and our members as our life depend on it because it really does.

Be obsessed with a customer: Our product map is 100% driven by our Zen members. They are the judge and jury of what works and what doesn’t. Our Zen is to work hard on impossible, try what hasn’t been done before so our users can decide.

We have a soul: We are building an exceptional company, a company with a soul. Where Our people genuinely love working at Zen and Our customers absolutely love the product and our support team. Our users just can’t stop raving about the Zen Team.

Ignore Status Quo: We are absolutely transparent, honest and encourage “hard truths” as a foundation of trust. We would rather be honest and tell how things are, and avoid sugar coating for personal benefit.

Be Empathetic: We are driven by empathy and try to see each side of the problem. Every problem or even negativity has meaningful roots. Just be empathetic and seek to understand.

Speed is our language: Actions speak louder than words. “I’m gonna…” will quickly be vanished by “I’ve tried…” Fail while trying and document it, so it becomes an experiment for future success product launch

Apply a Positive Mindset: There is a difference between being “delusional” or “life is always great” and acknowledging challenges and have a positive outlook on how to solve them. Zenway is to accept the problem and “What’s great about this” approach to solving a problem.

Own It: Extreme Ownership. At Zen, you never hear “That’s not my job”. We take ownership, even beyond your own team and think long term on behalf of the company.

Who makes things happen at Zen

Tiger Safarov


I truly believe the dental industry deserves a technological step forward. The days of fax machines and napkin orders should be the thing of the past. I’m driven by my passion to build a product that gives people time, because it’s the one thing you can’t trade back for. Time is precious!

Dr. Scott Goldman DDS

Board Member

Dr. Scott Goldman is a dental industry veteran having founded a group of dental practices that see 20,000+ patient visits per month across 25+ locations. He realized early on that many inefficiencies are present in the dental supply chain management, and is humbled to have worked with dental assistants and hygienists for years to create a scalable system that allows for maximum efficiency and economies of scale. This is what led to his keen interest in Zen Supplies. Dr. Goldman has served as an advisor to Zen Supplies CEO, Tiger Safarov, since the very beginning and is proud to see the exponential growth and unwavering commitment and support Zen provides to its dentists and staff.

Alesia Paulavets

Project Manager

I truly believe that work should fully satisfy the emotional needs of a person. One main personal need of mine is the opportunity to improve myself, so it was important for me to find a company that was growing and changing for the better. After I saw what ZenSupplies was doing, I immediately recognized its potential – both as a company, and as a place for me to grow personally – and wanted to be a part. I’m ecstatic to have that chance now, and even more importantly, the chance help the dental industry become better, smarter and “faster”.

Andrey Krasilnikov

Head of Development

I am an innovative technical lead. My goal work with team and inspire them to reach their goals. As the Software Team Lead lead, oversee 3-5 software engineers and all projects they undertake, analyze briefs, write progress reports, identify risks, and develop work schedules.

Alexandr Nozhenko

Front End Developer

As a Front End Engineer, I am driven by my passion for creating visually appealing and user-friendly products. My goal is to design a seamless and enjoyable user experience in every application I work on. I stay updated with the latest technology and constantly use various tools to gain new insights and perspectives. This allows me to understand the needs and preferences of users and incorporate them into my designs. My ultimate aim is to create a "Zen" app that users will find effortless and satisfying to use.

Anhelina Babareka


In the ever-changing world of healthcare, it is crucial to stay focused on what matters most. I am proud to be a part of a passionate team that accepts every challenge. Our pioneering goal is to help organize those things that appear to be unorganizable at first. And that makes us unique. As a member of Zen, I have learned that the concept of "impossibility" and "we cannot manage this" does not exist. Working with my brilliant colleagues allows me to improve myself as a person and as a skilled professional in customer management.

Anastasia Sanets

Business Development Manager

I had always had a goal to work in a company that’s making a difference. When I saw the job posting- I was really eager to put an application in because I truly admired ZenSupplies : the company that turns powerful ideas into innovative products and services. Due to the fact that I'm a natural problem-solver, I find it rewarding to dig deep and uncover solutions to challenges during my working day. What is more important, being part of Zen gives me the opportunity to learn new things, constantly innovate, and experiment new stuff in both the product and the way I work.

Delaney Barber

Customer Success Manager

I started working with ZenSupplies as a dental assistant in a practice, just like you. I've experienced the demo, setup, training, and implementing it in a practice. I ended up loving it so much that I decided to become part of the team. My goal is to help people get the most from Zen every step of the way, and collaborating with our team towards the continued growth of our platform and all the practices we work with.

Tatsiana Tsybulskaya

customer operations manager

Being able to communicate with people, helping them to place orders and learning something new every single day is why I choose ZEN. It is very important for me that ZenSupplies genuinely cares about the people who use our services and the staff who work hard to achieve great care and results and want the best experience for both.

Vlad Holmanskih


I had a chance to work with different people but only here in Zen the whole team are solid professional colleagues and atmosphere within the company is always friendly. Everyday I face up with different tasks and requests from clients and a solution of such questions shows the importance of each team member. And it’s moving us forward to the success.Trying different zen units I can say that I can’t stop improving upon my professional skills here. And I hope to make a contribution to the development and achievement of company goals.

Annie Zadorovskaya


I decided to join Zen Supplies after learning what it brings to the dental world. The idea of organizing everything in one place seemed crazy, yet intriguing. I just had to see how it’s done. Zen is a place where I can learn, grow, and improve. It’s truly inspiring to work in a team where every member deeply cares about the product they’re creating and, most importantly, about the customer.

Jillian Gomez


Lana Kurkhinen

Customer Support specialist

When I heard about Zen and what it brings to its users, the very first thought I had was why no one came up with that great idea before? Our job is basically to help people, and this is what I love about it - when somebody needs help, we all are here to do whatever is needed. Besides, I always wanted to have a job where I can continuously refresh my memory, being able to communicate with people and learn something new every day. And Zen proved that everything you can think of is possible. Zen allowed me to meet amazing people, and we indeed became a family I have never dreamed of.

Anastasia Semenyaka

Customer Support specialist

I'm very interested in applying the newest technology plus I believe strongly in working with other people towards a common goal. That’s why I decided I want to work at Zen that makes a product I truly believe in. Also Zen Team is awesome, each of us work together in order to produce one cohesive result. And I think my work style fits in really well here — especially in this particular role.

Anna Yarashenka

customer operations specialist

I am proud and honored to work for the company that brings innovation solutions to dental supply chain management. Zen efficiently aggregate multiple dental suppliers and dental offices in a unified, easy-to-use platform that allows users to save time and organize their ordering faster, easier and more smoothly. As I am a part of ordering team in Zen I passionately provide sophisticated highest quality services to our customers. I admire every minute of my working process as with the help of Zen I realize my professional skills and the colleagues I work with are fabulous.

Alina Mordasova

customer operations specialist

Giving back and caring for every client is a significant part of my own professional values and I feel fortunate that a company values are aligned with mine. I'm helping to make a difference and I love to be a part of this fast -growing company working with our team to accept challenging tasks, achieve common goals and deliver results. I proudly see the progress  and I can say that nothing is impossible.

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