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Our Team

Zen Story

ZenSupplies set out in the beginning of 2016 with a simple, yet bold mission: to forever change the dental industry through audacious innovation. And although we may be young, we couldn't be more excited about our chances of one day achieving it.

Our vision is to build an exceptional company with a vibrant soul where everyday, something special is being built. We dream of being a place where people genuinely love to work, and are always motivated to go the extra mile. Equally, we dream of building a product that our customers absolutely love - not just because it's "easy to use", but because of how it changes their lives. Clearly, we do a lot of dreaming here at ZenSupplies. After all, every great thing begins with a dream.

Team Members


Tiger Safarov Founder

I truly believe the dental industry deserves a technological step forward. The days of fax machines and napkin orders should be the thing of the past. I’m driven by my passion to build a product that gives people time, because it’s the one thing you can’t trade back for. Time is precious – not just to dental professionals, but to the fathers and mothers, husbands or wives they are at home.


Lizette Martinez Customer Success

As a former dental assistant, I spent countless hours placing orders, sending faxes, and being on hold. When I first heard of ZenSupplies, I was amazed by how streamlined and easy the process was. The thought of submitting orders for all distributors with one click of a button was staggering to me. I immediately thought of all those hours I’d spent going through inventory just to place an order. I knew this was an industry problem that hadn’t yet been addressed and wanted to be a part of the Zen team’s mission of solving it for good!


Sergey Hoh Senior Developer

The dental industry has grown significantly in many areas in recent past, but inventory management is not one of them. I joined ZenSupplies because it solves a real need with a simple solution – make inventory management easy, and make dental professionals’ lives easier. I look forward to helping the Zen team provide its customers a product that makes them happier and less stressed, both in their work, and their personal lives.


Vladislav Tsypliakov Developer

Quite simply, ZenSupplies and the industry problem they were tackling, seemed both extremely interesting and promising to me. I’m grateful to have the chance to be a part of it, and excited to help raise the software standard in the dental industry. Already, I have been challenged to grow in a number of ways, thanks to the Zen team. Together, I really do believe we can do great things for dental professionals, their practices, and potentially the industry.


Alesia Paulavets Customer Success – Orders

I truly believe that work should fully satisfy the emotional needs of a person. One main personal need of mine is the opportunity to improve myself, so it was important for me to find a company that was growing and changing for the better. After I saw what ZenSupplies was doing, I immediately recognized its potential – both as a company, and as a place for me to grow personally – and wanted to be a part. I’m ecstatic to have that chance now, and even more importantly, the chance help the dental industry become better, smarter and “faster”.


Sasha Kovalevskaya Product Catalogs

One of the main reasons I joined the Zen team is because the issue of dental health has been very close to me since childhood. Over the years, I’ve noticed that despite the fact we live in such a fast-moving world, many dentists and dental professionals are slowed down by the outdatedness of inventory software. Naturally, we’re striving to flip that standard on its head, and change the way the industry looks at inventory management. I truly believe we are doing something new, something important, and something deeply impactful for dentists, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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