Elizabeth Bueno

Elizabeth Bueno

Clinical Director of River Run Dental

Client Background:

Elizabeth Bueno, Clinical Director of River Run Dental. River Run Dental now has 6 locations across Central Virginia and continues to grow.


The client had to deal with limitations and restrictions on ordering quantities of supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Distributors were capping orders, and the office was unable to procure sufficient gloves, which were crucial for their operations. 
Elizabeth Bueno


To address the challenges, the client implemented a strategy involving collaboration with ZenSupplies. The client reached out to Zen whenever they faced limitations on ordering quantities from other distributors. Zen’s team took care of the client’s requirements, ensuring they were fully supplied with whatever they needed.
Zen also implemented a bulk order approach, which involved sourcing medical supplies directly and at a lower cost. This allowed the client to maintain a continuous supply of masks and other items, even during a time when prices were high and supplies were scarce.


Despite facing restrictions and limitations on ordering quantities, Zen’s support ensured the client’s operations ran smoothly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The client received the necessary supplies, including masks and gloves, even when other distributors were unable to meet their demands. Although challenges arose, such as frozen funds and delayed shipments, the client and Zen overcame these obstacles to fulfill the orders. The client appreciated Zen’s commitment to transparency and prioritizing the client’s success over making a profit.
…I just know that without your guys’ effort, like we wouldn’t have been able to operate as seamlessly as we did.
Elizabeth Bueno

Lessons Learned:

Throughout the project, the client and Zen gained valuable insights and learned important lessons. The client appreciated the ethical approach and genuine care exhibited by Zen, which aligned with their own values. The client recognized the significant behind-the-scenes work carried out by Zen’s team, including inventory management, tracking discontinued or back-ordered items, and maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on the platform.
…That’s what’s most important to us, you know, so having things like Zen and just the way we operate is super important because we like things to be consistent.
Elizabeth Bueno
The client also acknowledged the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their operations. By leveraging Zen’s services and platform, the client was able to streamline their ordering process, save time, and reduce costs, ultimately making their practice more profitable. The experience reinforced the client’s commitment to working with a reliable and efficient partner like Zen.

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