Ayrat Yunusov

Ayrat Yunusov

Co-Owner Cedar Park Dental Wellness


Cedar Park Dental Wellness faced several challenges related to the ordering and management of dental supplies.

Ayrat Yunusov

These challenges included:

a) Lack of real-life experience from vendors: Most of the vendors who try to coach and guide dental offices to organize the process don’t have any real-life experience. From the outside, everything looks easy and perfect. However, in the real world, there are so many little things that you need to account for.
b) Complexities in ordering: The process of ordering dental supplies posed various challenges. The dental office had to determine what to order, and the appropriate quantities, and consider factors such as cost, delivery time, storage, and expiration dates. Inaccurate or incomplete descriptions from supply companies added to the difficulty of making informed decisions.

c) Risk of ordering incorrect items: Inaccurate or incomplete descriptions from supply companies added to the difficulty of making informed decisions. Ordering the wrong dental supplies could lead to wastage, delays, and complications in procedures. Insufficient descriptions and lack of clear information made it difficult for non-clinical personnel responsible for ordering to select the correct items.
d) Inventory management: Managing dental supplies efficiently was a challenge. Overordering could result in forgetting the location of stored items, while underordering could lead to shortages.


To address the challenges mentioned above, Cedar Park Dental Wellness selected ZenSupplies as its trusted partner in streamlining the dental inventory management process.  
a) Cedar Park Dental Wellness conducted thorough research to find a suitable software solution for supply management and chose ZenSupplies. They found the platform to be intuitive, easy to use, and beneficial in streamlining their supply ordering and management processes.
b) Emphasis on clear descriptions and visuals: ZenSupplies catalog offers detailed descriptions and pictures to aid in the selection of the right dental supplies. This also helps in making informed decisions and reduces the risk of ordering incorrect items.
ZenSupplies platform is one of the most intuitive and easiest software to work with for supply management and ordering.
Ayrat Yunusov


Adopting ZenSupplies yielded the following outcomes:  
a) Time and cost savings: Cedar Park Dental Wellness reported significant time savings for clinical staff as a result of using ZenSupplies. The intuitive nature of the platform streamlined the ordering process, allowing staff to focus more on patient care. Additionally, the client saved costs by avoiding the purchase of cheaper gray market products that might cause patient sensitivities and required additional chair time.
b) Improved supply selection and reduced errors: The emphasis on clear descriptions and visuals from supply companies helped the client in selecting the right dental supplies.
With recent crises, there have been shortages of many things, with a lot of items on backorder. So it’s important to know your alternatives. ZenSupplies offers sufficient product descriptions, and quick alternatives to backordered items so now it is easy to know if I’m ordering the right products and will not be understocked.
Ayrat Yunusov

Lessons Learned:

Throughout the project, the client gained valuable insights and lessons, including:

a) Clear descriptions and visuals of products are crucial: Detailed descriptions and pictures are essential for making informed purchasing decisions. The clarity in product information can help avoid errors and improve overall efficiency.

b) Effective training and communication: Properly training staff and maintaining open lines of communication regarding supply management processes and platform implementation are extremely important. Work closely together and ensure that everyone understands the importance of supplies in the business.

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