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How ZenSupplies helps your dental practice:

  • Control inventory & place orders on a singular, digital platform

    Dental Inventory System
  • Track orders & reconcile shipments in real time

    Dental Inventory System
  • Order from multiple distributors at once

    Dental Inventory System
  • Get access to real-time order visibility

    Dental Inventory System
  • Have real time access to prices and price comparison

    Dental Inventory System
  • Support multiple locations with in depth analytics and reports

    Dental Inventory System

Dental industry benefits from ZenSupplies


Avoid ever running out of product

Order products from multiple distributors at once, with a single order form

Save time and energy to invest in more important responsibilities and treating patients


Gain full control and visibility of your entire inventory

Take a full control over invoices and due dates, and never pay for overcharges

Leverage real-time price comparisons and choose the products best for your practice


Organize and optimize order receipt processes

Gain access to real decision makers

Spend more time selling and less time fielding orders

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Our clients

Dental Inventory System Clients

Success Stories

Success StoriesShining smiles
Dr. Scott Goldman, DDS

ZenSupplies procurement software has revolutionized the way we order, manage, and analyze our dental supply inventory. We have significantly cut back on waste, fraud, and abuse across all our affiliate dental offices.

Our doctors are extremely satisfied as they have the confidence to know at any one time exactly what is on hand in the office. Our overall supply costs have decreased rom 6.3% of overhead to 5.4% since introducing ZenSupplies software. We have experienced a significant reduction in staff time needed to organize and order supplies as well. We all have software management systems for our clinical patients, why not for our dental supplies? Why would you not use ZenSupplies?

Justino Martinez, Ortho Lead Assistant

ZenSupplies has revolutionized our ordering process. Being on hold just to place an order is a thing of the past. Aside from making my orders fast and efficient, it’s fun to use!

The time I save I can use towards providing personal care with our patients. And what’s best is this app works great for any department – general, Pediatric or Ortho. Its versatility is a plus, and with the great personal care they give to their clients I would recommend ZenSupplies to any office.

Dr. Milad Nourahmadi, DDS

The great thing about ZenSupplies is that they take the time to show the staff how to properly use the software and answer our questions. After one day of training though, our staff was already familiar enough to use it on their own.

Possibly the best part about ZenSupplies is that it automates almost everything for you. There’s a lot less room for error and a lot more consistency, and control over what’s ordered, and how often. That’s why I would recommend ZenSupplies to any dental practice looking to simplify and save time on their inventory management.

Jacklyn Palacios, RDH

I loved how the ZenSupplies staff came out to the office and took the time to properly train the staff and myself. The software is very user friendly and the staff loves it!

One of the biggest issues we used to run into sometimes was if a procedure wasn’t performed often, we would only realize we needed a certain item after the procedure was completed. With ZenSupplies, we get order suggestions based on real-time inventory accuracy, and avoid these problematic situations entirely.


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