Didn't I just order that item a few weeks ago?

All Dental Practices run into the same problems. Ordering is a mess, running out of products, no budget, and price comparison that takes hours. With Zen you can resolve it all in one place!

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Organize the chaos with Zen
"Zen supplies has changed the way we think about ordering supplies - we have been able to keep our supplies under 4% on a monthly basis! Highly recommend Zen Supplies!"
Dr. Charlotte Milch,
"Zen Supplies has made budgeting and organizing SUPER EASY in our practice. We're able to purchase all of our dental supplies from 1 website. And it keeps track of our budget every month. I highly recommend Zen for any practice! I LOVE U ZEN! Thank you!!!"
Andrea Hardcastle,
Office Manager Village Dental
Our Solutions
Supply Reps?... do they know about online ordering... Hmmmm

If you still wonder why reps telling "Doc just send me the order and I'll match it" you know it's just how they know to keep you coming back. With Zen, you can work with your reps or connect distributors using Online Logins. Never have to talk to the rep again (unless you really like them)

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You can't ship in 2 Days?

There are lots of places online to purchase supplies from, but not all can ship fast. With Zen, you can see delivery times for each product or supplier before placing an order.

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Didn't I just order that item a few weeks ago?

With Zen, all orders are organized in one place and ZenAssistant can help you follow up with all of your reps and keep you updated on any backorders.

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Why are we running out so soon?

With ZenSupplies you can track products and know exactly when and who removed the product.

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Zen benefits
Great Customer Support
Get help when you need it. We're here to help you grow your practice
Awesome Features
Constantly adding features that help you run control dental inventory
Save $ with each order
On average our dental practices run their dental supplies budgets between 4-5.5% off of the collections
"I wanted the product that was going to make it more time efficient for my head assistant compare different products with out spending entire afternoon doing that... "
Dr. Summer Kassmel, DDS
Castle Peak Dental
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